CCA Corporate Counseling

About This Project

The Challenge: After CCA re-evaluated its marketing strategies and came up with new brand positioning, the HR consultancy needed to make sure its website reflected its new approach. The outdated site lacked inspiration and didn’t accurately depict the firm’s warm corporate culture or their multifaced approach to HR problems. Even worse, the site was disorganized and overcrowded with almost 100 pages of content, requiring many clicks to access.

The Solution: We engaged a brand strategist and copywriter to tackle content reorganization as well as create new content where needed. She worked closely with CCA as they focused in on their target markets and the core services provided to each, and trimmed 100 web pages into 25 pages of succinct content. From that, we designed a visual hierarchy to make it easy to locate information. We took inspiration from CCA’s new brand guidelines to create a website featuring interactive elements that conveyed their wealth of information in an engaging manner.

Their new branding utilized a bright color palette and circle elements — overlapping and cropped – derived from their company logo. We utilized those elements throughout as background images, reinforcing their brand at every turn. To avoid an overload of cheesy, “happy people” stock photos, we used conceptual images for their page titles and case studies.

The Outcome: The process of organizing their information for their website helped CCA really think through the services they offered and clarify their target market. The result was a beautiful, sophisticated website that not only tells the CCA story but also promotes their thought leadership by making a lot of information easily accessible. CCA employees loved being able to direct clients to the user-friendly site rather than having to guide them through an overwhelming mass of information overload.

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