Fan Mail

The following testimonials were sent without request, from happy clients who were moved enough to want to let us know exactly how happy they were. We love getting fan mail like this!

Thank you for working with me to create a picture of who I am and what I do.

Having a new brochure and business card with me at this conference transformed me by giving me the confidence to talk to top doctors in my field. I was asked to speak at a conference next year as a result of the new confidence I derived from working on the brochure and website. Thank you for working with me to create a picture of who I am and what I do.

I also want to thank you for meeting what looked like an impossible deadline. I must say that at times I didn’t think we’d make it, but you told me you would and you did. I worked for over 20 years in a senior positon in corporate America and so many times I heard from both internal people and consultants, “we’ll make the deadline,” but they didn’t. I would recommend Optimum to anyone who wants a superior product on time.

Besides producing collateral material in the most collaborative way, your people are a delight to work with and your service and expertise don’t end there. Because of your extensive contacts and your belief that your service in supporting the growth and profitability of an enterprise doesn’t end with simply producing a website, a client of Optimum’s can count on the following: brainstorming how to use these materials to achieve their goals, and recommendations and referrals (introductions) to people and organizations to expand their contacts. I am sure that there will be other value that you provide as I get to know you.

— Marisa Harris, Cancer Coach

Rather than tell me what they thought I should do, they asked me what I needed.

I worked with Optimum Design Consulting to tweak my website. This is a team of true professionals whose sole interest was in understanding my requirements. Rather than tell me what they thought I should do, they asked me what I needed and proceeded along those lines making well thought-out recommendations along the way.  Their knowledge and understanding are unmatched.

— Susan B Shapiro, Owner, Bralan Consulting LLC
You deal with real human beings that really care about delivering something you will be happy with.

I am very happy to provide a testimonial for the outstanding work by the people at Optimum Design & Consulting. I had paid a lot of wasted dollars to three separate web builders. So it was with some trepidation and suspicion that I contacted the fourth company, Optimum. I have interacted with three people including the owner and I cannot speak highly enough of the way they handled my endless requests, questions and, at times my impatient manner. They quickly understood the style of website I needed (I have many very high profile clients). The professionalism with which a proposal was prepared was a breath of fresh air compared to my prior dealings with web builders. Nothing was hidden – I was charged exactly what was proposed and when I requested something that was not covered by the original proposal they quickly told me what my new request would cost. The fees were very reasonable.

One of the best parts about having Optimum build your site is that you deal with real human beings that really care about delivering something you will be happy with. If there was a misunderstanding (because I had failed to explain properly) they would contact me immediately to resolve it. Do not look any further if you are considering a new website – these people will not let you down. And I had been let down three times previously. I couldn’t be happier with my new website and since it went live a week ago I have had nothing but positive feedback from clients.

— Lynda Spillane, International Public Speaking Consultant

You rose to the occasion and were flexible with our high-pressure schedule, despite your other obligations.

I am very pleased with the way Optimum Design & Consulting handled our business. Your staff have been professional, timely, rendered good quality work, and have been a pleasure to work with. You rose to the occasion and were flexible with our high-pressure schedule, despite your other obligations. We greatly appreciate it. We will most certainly consider you as part of our organization for our future needs as they arise. Thank you for all your help.
— Gordon Bahary, General Manager, Aaron Basha / A.S. Int’l Trading Co. / Regine Inc.

Such superb service is unmatched.
It was a different experience with Optimum. The first meeting took place with their technical web person and we discussed what needed to be done on a priority basis. I was pleasantly surprised that a couple of days later I saw the major improvements my previous web firm was unable to make despite repeated requests for months. Since then, every time I call asking for a change it is discussed and done without any delays. I had had a bitter experience with my previous web firm, which completed a costly website that didn’t meet my requirements. Every time I had asked for a change I was told: “it’s on the list to be done,” and it took weeks and sometimes months to complete.

When a critical content update had to be done on a tight schedule, Optimum’s graphic designer emailed me: “generally I don’t work on Sundays but know how important it is for you. Attached is the first draft; let me know how you like it. By tomorrow morning you will get the final version.” Such superb service is unmatched. Other people I have referred to you have had the same pleasant experience and I highly recommend Optimum Design & Consulting for anyone who needs to enhance or create a new website.    

— Dani Kaplan, Founder, SMC Data Systems
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