Northern NJ Porsche Club Website

About This Project

The Challenge: Develop a website with multiple pages, galleries, and calendars for a wide arrange of club events.

The Solution: We implemented a calendar plugin which permitted us to create sidebars for each club activity, highlighting their specific events.

The Northern New Jersey Porsche Club of America had a hugely outdated website with massive galleries and a confusing navigation cobbled together over many years. We reworked the navigation so that the Club’s many activities could be easily found and followed across the activity page, calendar, and photo galleries. We also reorganized the photo galleries, using a filter which permits visitors to sort the galleries by activity. Two slideshows – a relay slide show on the homepage, and a small slide show in the footer – permits the Club to showcase activities and display sponsor ads.

Lastly, we implemented a calendar plugin, and coded it so that event categories could be identified by color code. The calendar widget permits the Club to feature activity specific calendars in the sidebar of each activity page. Events are easily accessed via drop downs on the activity page, or via popover windows on the calendar page.