(C) Systems

About This Project

The Challenge: Create a compelling identity based on an existing simple logotype.

The Solution: We utilized the parentheses in the (C) Systems logo and a design element, creating a textured pattern and using the shape to frame a photograph.

(C) Systems originally hired us to redesign some materials they needed for trade shows: pull-banners, signage, and flyers. We used the parentheses character from their logo to create a pattern of shapes as a design element. The solution was a hit, so we were asked to design social media graphics using the pattern.

We were also hired to create a 6-panel corporate brochure for the company that is used in their US and UK offices. The parentheses again made an appearance, as a graphic element to frame the front cover image, and to break the page edge on the interior. For slide show banners for their homepage, we punned on the parenthesis, distorting it as needed to comment on the banner content.



swirl ornament

ads, brochures, events
brochures, social media graphics, trade show banners, web banners